June 28, 2017
1 Year and 25 days since
our celebration.

Celebrating the Legacy that started it all!!

This family website has been prepared especially for you.  Our destiny's are connected, from past to present.
Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, but our ROOTS keep us all together!

We hope that you enjoy this site.  Relax, take the family quiz and see just how much you know about our family history.  

Please register on the FAMILY page so you can be connected.

Please allow time for your registratiion to be accepted then you will be able to view and add your own information, pictures, etc. 

Please provide any feedback you may have on the contact us page.

Thank you!
What is the name of Bertha Kendrick's Father'

John Kendrick
West Butler
Jessie Butler
Walter Kendrick
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